They Keep us in Stitches and Awe

They started at Bellaire Christian Church and have kept the tradition going for years. The Quilters of Bethany Christian Church have blessed so many with the warmth and beauty of their hand-stitched art and  love from their caring hands. The small group’s current project is for Small Steps Nurturing Center. Using children’s artwork, the ladies of the Quilt, are piecing together a wonderful work that will finally rest around the sweet shoulders of a child in Ghana.

Go by the church any Thursday and visit the happy workshop in the Boynton Room.   See their latest project unfolding and encourage these wonderful ladies who have encouraged so many of us. But don’t be surprised if they hand you a needle and thimble. Bethany is a special place where you can find tradition, not locked behind glass, but in action. Thank you ladies and be blessed.