In-person worship to begin at 10:50 am October 4. Online to continue at 11 am.

Bethany at Worship, September 20, 2020

Bethany at Worship, September 13, 2020

Those opposing Nehemiah’s efforts to rebuild the wall in Jerusalem were nothing if not persisted. In Nehemiah 6, they try again to thwart the work of God’s people, yet God provides Nehemiah all he needs to resist their efforts.

Bethany at Worship September 6 2020

In chapter 5 of the Book of Nehemiah, we discover that the greatest threats to God’s people don’t always come from outside. Sometimes they come from within.

In Praise of God: Music from Worship 2020

The wonderful vocalists and instrumentalists of Bethany Christian Church have blessed us with both traditional and contemporary music during our online worship. In Praise of God is the first collection of the gifts they have shared.

Bethany at Worship, August 30, 2020

Opposition to God’s work is almost inevitable. In chapter 4 of his book, Nehemiah helps us understand such resistance and respond to it.

Bethany at Worship, August 23, 2020

Bethany at Worship for August 16, 2020

The second in the series :The God Who Builds” for August 9, 2020

For August 2, 2020 the first in the series, “The God Who Builds”

For Today, after an opening prayer by Rev. Blair Parker and a beautiful song from the Burbanos, we revisit a service from when we Gathered Together about this time last year.

For Today, July 19, 2020, we revisit a service from when we Gathered Together is mind, spirit, and Body

Bethany at Worship July 12, 2020

Bethany at Worship July 5, 2020

Message June 28, 2020