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THIS SUNDAY April 22, 2018  10:50am Worship Service


Ken Shuman is a life-coach, professor, and pastor. Currently Ken is the team leader of a non-profit ministry called Faithwalking. ( In addition, Ken is an adjunct professor at the Houston Graduate School of Theology.

Ken is an ordained minister who holds two masters degrees and a doctor of ministry degree.

Ken is married to Becky and they have two daughters that are both teachers in the greater Houston area.

Ken enjoys movies, reading, travel, college football, college basketball, Houston Astros baseball and Texas Hold’em poker.

In the Pulpit on Sunday April 29  10:50 am in the Worship Service

David Finklea – Chain Reaction Ministries

Chain Reaction Ministries (CRM) – A Ministry started at Memorial Drive Christian Church in Houston, Texas -recycles bicycles by linking donors with identified needs in the community.  Started in December 2009, CRM had humble beginnings by answering a call by Westside Homeless Partnership (WHP) for used bikes for kids in their program.  The secret to CRM’s success is linking the donor with the recipient.  People have an emotional attachment to their bicycles.  It was their first bike, or their kid’s first bike – and they don’t simply want to set it on the curb, or donate it to a large, faceless charity.  They want to know that their bike can provide the same freedom and hope to a person in need that they experienced.  CRM takes bicycles in any condition, and either fixes them up, or strips them for parts, then recycles the metal components – thus providing recycling in the following areas:

  • Recycling of used bicycles to identified persons in need – satisfying a need for basic transportation and/or recreation to adults and kids.

  • Recycling of unusable metal scrap – satisfying a need for the continued recycling of metals – keeping it out of landfills.